Enterprise Professional Services

Who is Enterprise Professional Services, Inc. (EPSI)?

EPSI is an Austin, Texas based Non-Profit Corporation. Our mission is to provide meaningful employment opportunities to persons with significant disabilities.

Who is responsible for day-to-day operations?

Mike Wilke (President/CFO) and Stephan Saia (COO).

What is our Business Model?

We are unique to the nonprofit world in the sense that we bring full service solutions to our customers and individualized employment opportunities to our employees.  Our contract performance model is much different than that of most employers of persons with significant disabilities.  We understand that in order to meet our customers mission we may also need to bring together our employee’s, partners or subcontractors and possibly other resources required to ensure success of our customer’s mission.  We offer our customers “turn key” service solutions.

Our social component ensures that we hire and train people with significant disabilities to perform these services based on their ability to do so with the proper support.  With such a wide variety of services we also have a wide variety of employees. In performing the higher level services we concentrate on the employment of veterans. Many of these war fighters will perform duties in an AbilityOne setting similar to those that they did in their active duty lives. It is a proven recipe for success refined over many years.

EPSI also works closely with local (site specific) traditional rehabilitation agencies, as well state and federal programs. Because we do not rely on State or Federal Grant money, the local traditional rehab agencies do not view us as competitors for their primary funding sources.  As a result of this model EPSI receives maximum support from the local agencies in the recruiting and training of persons with significant disabilities.

We work together with the local agencies to help them fulfill the last goal in their missions: to put the individual back to work.  By working together and combining our resources we have proven to be very effective at employing individuals with significant disabilities at locations all across the country.

  • AbilityOne\NISH Contracts. We provide federal government customers essential services under contract through this preference program. We perform the required services utilizing a workforce that consists primarily of persons with significant disabilities. The program is only available to non-profit organizations  that have a 501(c)3 exemption from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • TIBH Contracts.  This program, Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped, is similar to the AbilityOne\NISH Program in that the focus is providing employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. TIBH Industries helps provide employment through the State Use WorksWonders Program for people with blindness and other disabilities.
  • Subcontracts.  We also perform as a subcontractor to large and small federal government contractors. This is win-win situation in that we obtain contracts and meaningful jobs for our disabled workforce... and these contractors are allowed to count the business they do with us toward meeting their obligatory small business contracting goals.
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