Enterprise Professional Services

EPSI is unique among nonprofit organizations in many ways. We do not rely on charitable donations, contributions or state or federal grants to provide the services required to meet our mission. Accordingly our employees, customer's and customers missions are not at risk that a “swipe of the legislative pen” could mean the end of the organization.

Significant Competitive and Strategic Advantage

EPSI business model is based on an “Enterprise concept”. EPSI offers a wide range of employment opportunities to persons with significant disabilities, as well as mission based service solutions to our customers. These may include partnering with other nonprofits, small businesses and larges business to offer “full service” solutions to meet any customer’s mission requirement.

In addition, EPSI has partnered with J&J World Wide Services, Inc. (JJWWS). JJWWS has been providing a wide array of services to the Federal Government since 1970. Over the past 40 years JJWWS has become the largest privately owned Federal Contracting firm in the country.  JJWWS is the largest provider of healthcare facilities services in the Department of Defense. They are also a Tier 1 DOD contractor in the areas of Facilities Maintenance and Operations, Base wide Support Services and Operations, Hospital Maintenance and Operations, Construction and Renovation and all associated support work.

JJWWS’s wide ranging experience, technical expertise and far reaching resources are extraordinary advantages to EPSI. We were mentored very successfully in a previous endeavor by JJWWS.  So, naturally we are excited about the endless opportunities this unique relationship offers our customers. This arrangement also provides exceptional employment opportunities for our veterans and wounded war heroes who typical possess higher skill sets.

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